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Turn (JS) – HTML5 Flipbook

HoldOn.js CSS UI Blocker

Users are known for clicking quickly and repeatedly when the UI doesn’t perform as they expect. Fortunately, there are some solutions that exist which enable developers to provide some much needed messaging in these crucial moments. Holdon.js, for example, is… Continue Reading →


If there’s a web design trend that has stood out the past few years, it’s the increase of one-page websites – big images, lots of interactivity crammed onto a single screen. The trend has its advocates and detractors, of course,… Continue Reading →

Interactive SVG Map with jQuery

This is one of the most interesting plugins I’ve come across. The Interactive SVG Map takes a Scalable Vector Graphic (SVG) and lets Web designers add interactivity – and all without Flash. The plugin is re-sizable and is responsive so… Continue Reading →

Responsive Flipbook with jQuery

Flash flipbooks were all the rage many years ago and some sites still use them with regularity. While most over the years have been build or at least transformed into Flash documents, there are a handful of jQuery plugins, which… Continue Reading →

Evolution jQuery Lightbox

A lightbox is an effect wherein upon hovering over an element (or upon loading of the page) a modal dialog box appears – consider it a user-initiated window that appears as an additional layer on a webpage in most cases…. Continue Reading →

Launch Countdown with jQuery Circular Countdown

This standalone plugin is a perfect solution for anyone needing functionality that will count down to a specific moment in time – like a website or application launch. The actual package, available at Code Canyon, comes with five ready-made pages… Continue Reading →

Showbiz Responsive jQuery Teaser (Slider)

A terrific plugin for those needing a responsive teaser (also known as a slider), Showbiz pro allows users to show HTML content with any number of teaser items, and have it automatically adjust based on the visiting user’s browser size…. Continue Reading →

Better Tabs with Tabulous.js

Tabs are a terrific way to showcase lots of content with just a little actual space. They can be rather clunky elements on a website though, so any chance you have to make improvements to how tabs are presented you… Continue Reading →

CSS-Driven Masonry Alternative Salvattore

The jQuery Masonry plugin is now one of the more well utlized plugins on the market, powering numerous sites – some of which are rather high profile (e.g. Pinterest). There are some alternatives though that developers may want to consider…. Continue Reading →

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