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Adaptive Background

Wouldn’t it be great if you could fill a page element with the background color of the image contained in it? Well, you can! This really simple Adaptive Background jQuery plugin from Brian Gonzalez extracts the dominant color of an… Continue Reading →


It doesn’t take a genius to understand that website and application speed is of immense importance to the digital experience for consumers today, and developers and designers are prioritizing their work accordingly. Fortunately, there are some rather creative scripts available… Continue Reading →


Do you remember when the acme of exceptional design and tech savvy was to include slide transitions in PowerPoint? Those were the days. If you’re looking for a way to use transitions between pages in a simple and elegant way,… Continue Reading →


If there’s a web design trend that has stood out the past few years, it’s the increase of one-page websites – big images, lots of interactivity crammed onto a single screen. The trend has its advocates and detractors, of course,… Continue Reading →

JSON Resume

JSON Resume is an open-source initiative to create a JSON-based standard for resumes. A command line tool (CLI) is available – supported by OSX, Linux and Windows. The modules available from the command line can also be used to export… Continue Reading →

Format JS

Format JS is a modular set of javaScript libraries for the purpose of internationalization which focus almost exclusively on formatting numbers, dates, and strings when  they are displayed to users. Format JS is appealing to developers because it integrates quite… Continue Reading →

Express for Node.js

Express is a Node.js web application framework with a rather robust set of features for applications (both Web and mobile). Express offers a variety of HTTP utility methods and middleware, which makes creating an API very simple. There is some… Continue Reading →

Getting to Know Node.js

An infographic-based look at Node.js, the server-side framework that is reshaping application development. 


Need a new background image? Love triangles? Trianglify is for you – a clever javascript library that generates SVG background images. Trianglify uses d3.js to build the polygons and SVG and SCG filters for renderering. The plugin also includes the… Continue Reading →

Multi-Column Dropdown Select Menu

No matter how much you might despise drop down menus, they’ve become a necessary evil. Fortunately, there are quite a few jquery plugins which yield some rather attractive options. This multi-column dropdown menu enables designers to implement a single and/or… Continue Reading →

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