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ddTour : jQuery Site Tour Plugin jQuery Site Tour Plugin

A simple uncomplicated lightweight site tour jQuery solution.

Panda.js Free HTML5 game engine

Free open source HTML5 game engine for mobile and desktop with Canvas and WebGL rendering.  

Reading Progress Indicator in SVG, CSS & jQuery

A widget containing a list of suggested articles, with a reading progress indicator powered by SVG, CSS and jQuery.  

Booking.js Embeddable booking widget

Make a beautiful embeddable booking widget in minutes. LINK:  

Touche.js Touch events on Touchscreen

Effortlessly re-map click events to touch events on touchscreen UIs.  

The Future of Digital Welcome to!

Sticky post

Thanks for visiting Javascript Problems; a directory and review site of jquery and javascript solutions that help today’s designers and developers build websites and applications with user-experience and function top of mind. Are you the creator of an interesting javascript or… Continue Reading →

Sleepy Head Modal Modals, like sprinkles, are for winners

Say what you will about modals and popups, the truth is, they work – and in most cases really, really well. Modals aren’t always set, however, at the best time for users – essentially, designers don’t have very ‘smart’ control… Continue Reading →

Parallaxor Remember Parallax? Good times...

Remember when the parallax technique was all the rage? It’s been so long now that for many it is but a faint memory. The good news, particularly if you’re still interested in using parallax, is that there are still some great… Continue Reading →

Scrollify Smooth and Snappy Scrolling

If you’re like most designers (and ‘Net users), you’re a sucker for a good scroll on the Web. There are, of course, hundreds of available scroll effects available, but few do so with the elegance of Scrollify. The jQuery plugin… Continue Reading →

HoldOn.js CSS UI Blocker

Users are known for clicking quickly and repeatedly when the UI doesn’t perform as they expect. Fortunately, there are some solutions that exist which enable developers to provide some much needed messaging in these crucial moments. Holdon.js, for example, is… Continue Reading →

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