Ouibounce Modal/Popup

Despite how much heavy web users detest popups and “modals”, you have to admit – particularly if you have ever […]


Slidr for Slide Transitions

Sliders are somewhat ubiquitous on today’s web and for good reason – they provide an powerful opportunity to show a lot […]

Morphext text-based carousels

Typography is playing an increasingly prominent role in modern Web design, but many still struggle to execute a creative design with […]


Number Progress Bar

Progress bars are graphical control element used to visualize the progression of an extended computer operation (e.g. download, file transfer, […]


Clock Picker

Designed from the ground up for Bootstrap, ClockPicker is a clock-style time picker/selector. The jQuery plugin is just 9kb minified […]


jQuery Sliding Menu

Sliding menus, in many ways, changed how end-users interact with the navigation of websites. There are, of course, no shortage […]



SVGMagic is a jQuery plugin that searches for SVG images (including background-images) on your website and automatically creates PNG versions if the […]


RowGrid JS

Do you like the presentation of images on services such as Google Images, Flickr and Shutterstock? If so, and if […]



If a site with multi-directional scroll is appealing, you’re going to be very impressed with multiScroll.js. The jQuery plugin, developed […]