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Got jQuery Problems, But the Code Ain't One

jBox Modal windows and more...

A powerful (and quite popular) jQuery plugin that can be used for a variety of interactions – from modal windows to notices and tooltips. This very flexible plugin, developed by Stephen Wagner, offers a wide range of customization options to… Continue Reading →


Perfect for designers and developers that need to enable others to comment or make a note about something on a website. jNottery lets anyone write a note for a specific element (image, paragraph, etc.) and the plugin then encodes and… Continue Reading →

Shuffle Images Image Change with Mouseover

A jquery plugin, Shuffle Images lets you display and shuffle multiple images by moving cursor around (there aer also several other ways to trigger the effect). The plugin is perfect for those that want or need to to save space…. Continue Reading →

Instagram Lite

Instagram, the Facebook for dumb people, is one of the most popular applications of our time. It’s a visual history of the modern world and that means there might just be some benefit to including it on your website –… Continue Reading →

Snap SVG Interactive Vector Graphics

A Javascript library that enables users to create interactive, resolution-independent vector graphics that will look great on any size screen. Snap.svg. It’s the interactivity that’s really going to blow designers away. Snap.svg offers up a rich animation library and very… Continue Reading → CMS on Node.js and MongoDB

Currently in active development over at Assembly, Buckets is a CMS that runs on Node.js and MongoDB that can be deployed easily on any cloud provider (including Heroku in just one click). What will make Buckets so appealing to designers… Continue Reading →

Boba.js Google Analytics Tracking

A small, extensible JavaScript library for working with Google Anlytics that enables users to observe semi-anonymous user activity and forward that data on to Googles tracking system. Boba.js supports the ga.js library as well as the new analytics.js library and… Continue Reading →

ScrollMe Simple Scrolling Effects

Most end-users are likely to recoil at the effects initiated by ScrollMe, but it definitely provides for a unique experience. The jQuery plugin adds scrolling effects (scale, rotate, translate and opacity changes – properties which browsers can typically animate quickly)… Continue Reading →

Tendina Drop Down Sidebars Rapidly build drop down menu's

An incredibly easy to use jQuery plugin that enables designers and developers to rapidly build drop down sidebars/ side menu’s. Tendina supports three-level deep menu nesting, hides nested sub menu’s and manages all interactions, handles dynamically added elements, and supports… Continue Reading →

Ouibounce A better jQuery plugins for modal windows

Despite how much heavy web users detest popups and “modals”, you have to admit – particularly if you have ever used them – that they are really, really effective in capturing the attention (and action) of users. Outbounce, is a… Continue Reading →

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